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Outerboro Apparel Studio helps you fulfill your apparel needs from design concept to production. We make all the efforts to listen carefully to your needs, eliminate the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors, and delivery a quality product in a timely and efficient manner. 

About us

Outerboro Apparel studio

Located in the center of world’s supply chain for performance apparel fabric and quality garment production, Outerboro Development Studio is a one-stop solution for your apparel needs: from design concept, prototyping, and to mass production. Our team has been professionally serving in the areas of apparel product development and production for clients such as ASUS, NU SKIN, FUJITSU , and so on.

Services Include: Apparel Concept/Design, Pattern-Making, Grading, Tech Packs, Prototypes, Sourcing, Production Management, and Production.

Product categories include: casual wear, sportswear, lifestyle and athleisure.

Tailored exclusive Clothes

Whether you are a designer or a brand/company that has apparel needs, we can service you. Our designers and product team have up to 20 years of work experience, knowledgeable and experienced in exquisite workmanship, and ensure our clients a smooth and efficient process.

Product quality is our #1 priority

Thorough Quality Check

All orders go through a 3-step quality check before we ship them out. Evaluation of graphics for quality before printing. Fulfillment specialists check design quality during printing, and the quality assurance team does the final product check after printing.

Service for Cut & Sew or Blanks Customization

Discuss Customer Needs

-Delivery Date? When is the product needed
-Confirmed product and Design?

-Do you have a reference, sample, or tech pack?
-Have target cost? 

Prototype or Sample 

-We can make a prototype or sample before we begin production
-BLANKS design and customization 

Material Sourcing

-Do you have fabric and trims already or do you need help with sourcing?

Bulk Production

-We communicate with factories to ensure an efficient production process for timely delivery. 

Service process & flow

Apparel Product Development(Pre-production)

We get your idea through the process and get it ready for production.


Design Ideas

Review customer needs:  

i. Product Style and quantity

ii. Delivery date

iii. Target cost 



a. Do you have a sample? 

b. Produce golden sample  

c. Confirm Prototype

->Mass production Quotation 


Order Placement

Sign Invoice ->50% deposit 


Bulk Production and QA